In flight knitting

Now that I have had a chance to knit on an aeroplane a couple of times  I have a few rules that I will follow for inflight projects.

  1. Must fit into my handbag.  The space available on a plane is limited and when I have to take my computer I don’t want an extra bag.
  2. Must be on circulars or short straights, preferably bamboo or wood so that the risk of them being seen as a dangerous weapon is lessened (plane seats are not big enough for 36cm straights)
  3. Must not require cable needles, dpns, stitch markers or anything else that is likely to fall down under my feet.
  4. Must not need a pattern to be referenced during the flight, it takes up too much space.
  5. Must be able to be put away without another 5 minutes work.

Good thing I like knitting cowls and fingerless mitts.  Although if this travel continues I will need to come up with new ideas. Not socks, I don’t like knitting them and  I don’t like wearing handmade socks even more.  Holeproof make good wool socks for a fraction of the price I could make them for and they have nice smooth soles to walk on.  I’ll stick with my sheepy machine made socks.


4 thoughts on “In flight knitting

  1. Well glad some one else feels the same way about socks. For the price of 1 skein of sock yarn, I could buy at least 3 – 4 pairs of nice socks.
    Sounds like a lot of scarves / cowls are going to be knitted this year. 🙂

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