2010 the year of lace

At the start of January one of my Ravelry groups started a year of lace challenge.  At the time I didn’t think 10 lace projects of varying types sounded like a good challenge for me but since then a few things have come together:

  1. My husband signed me up for Mayhem & Chaos’ Silky knickers yarn club.  So I have a number of 2ply silk /silk blend skeins coming my way
  2. I went shopping and found Lace Style with some great patterns for all sorts of things in it.  From lace cuffs and a nightie to tank tops and jumpers.
  3. I picked up Luxury yarns One-Skein Wonders so that I would have more small project choices and there is a lot of lace in it.

So now I have signed up and plan to make  cuffs, mitts, cowl, scarf, shawl, tank top, capelet, shrug, nightie/camisole, jacket and a bangle and I will probably take part in the design category as well.  My handsome triangle is the first project that counts towards the 10 items.  This challenge is good as the projects don’t have to be large to be counted, it is more about improving our techniques and trying new things than knitting miles of stitches.

I wonder how many I will achieve…


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