A new stole pattern

At the request of some people on ravelry I have written out the pattern for my Summer lace stole. This stole was made in 2004 and has been worn constantly ever since.  The yarn I used is not longer available so I have recommended a 5ply cotton or linen.

The only issue with this stole is that I don’t need another one so the pattern is untested at the moment.  If you want to try it please do and let me know any problems you have.

When I get time I will make a scarf version for myself.


2 thoughts on “A new stole pattern

  1. I think the pattern is lovely! I’m trying to adapt it to a different yarn…here’s my question! The pattern says the gauge is 19 sts = 4 inches = 4.75 sts per inch. If I multiply that times the 18 inches I get a cast on of 85.5 sts…..but the pattern says 114 sts. Is there an explanation? Thank you so much.

    • This is a very good question and when I did the maths I got the same answer as you. That got me thinking; why did I need 114 stitches to make a shawl 18″ wide. The answer is that each row zigzags, the final width is measured straight across but the tension is measured along the row.


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