WIP wrestling for the new year

Here is my progress in January at trying to reduce my WIPs and get a few things finished:

WIPS @ 1/1/10

Scarves and Cowls

  1. Lacy scarf – this lives in my car for waiting times
  2. Reversible cables
  3. Matter & Void finished 3/1
  4. Simple cowl finished 6/1
  5. Entrelac scarf finished 27/1

Capelets, Wraps & Shawls

  1. Garter stitch wrap – I had to frog what had been done on the second piece and start that again as the centre stitch got mucked up and the centre line was not straight.
  2. Cherry leaf shawl
  3. Fluted ribs finished 16/1


  1. Aubergine jumper
  2. wide collared jacket
  3. ribbed jacket – this one is progressing slowly.  Those rows that go from the bottom of the front over the shoulder to the bottom of the back are so long.
  4. Justine lace tank  – some mistakes just don’t want to be fixed. frogged


  1. Log cabin – this is a long term project that will not be finished any time soon.
  2. Funky slippers
  3. Felted bag – hiding; where have I put it?

Started in January

  1. A handsome triangle – YO-lace project 1, summer knitting
  2. Motorbike muffler – a new design to keep my sister warm on her bike, aeroplane knitting. Finished 15/1
  3. Lace fountain hood – YO-lace project 2, aeroplane knitting, it would have been finished if I’d taken an extra skein of silk to Tasmania.
  4. Possum mitts – to replace the ones I lost by leaving them in a taxi – more aeroplane knitting

Well 5 off the list and only 4 started and all for a specific reason. ( or is that any excuse will do)   I started the handsome triangle because it was 35 degrees and everything OTN was wool, I started the other 3 because I didn’t have any nice small aeroplane knitting and one of those is now finished and one is over 2/3 done.  Overall a successful month of WIP wrestling.


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