Silky knickers yarn – new pressies!!

The January yarn for the Silky knickers yarn club is here.

2ply 60% Polwarth, 20% silk and 20% cashmere.  It is lovely and soft.  Unfortunately the red one didn’t photograph true, there is a bit less orange in it, more wine than strawberries.

The perfect colour for me.  No idea what I’m going to make with it yet.

The green is gorgeous and is going to make a beautiful light shawl to wear.  I have a skirt that I have been looking for something to wear with it as it is a very light silk and anything heavy just looks silly.


2 thoughts on “Silky knickers yarn – new pressies!!

  1. OMG. Polwarth, silk, and cashmere? Is that even legal????

    That green is horrible. Dreadful. You should get rid of it immediately, it’s tainting the beauty of your world. Do you need my address?


    • funny, I’ve had quite a few people offer to take that off my hands.

      Unfortunately I don’t think it would survive the trip across the Pacific so I better keep it here to look after.

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