yo-lace project 3 – Wisteria slip

step 1

I have finished the cups so now it is on to the body of this slip.  First of all I have to calculate the stitches required at the hem.

I’m going to knit it in the round and the lace repeat is 9 stitches.  Tension is 20 stitches to 4″.

The pattern schematics shows 56.5″ for the hem however with the heavier weight a closer fit would be better so around 44″.  (11×20=220 stitches, adjust for full patterns 225 stitches)

31.5″ at the top means 157 stitches (as per pattern)

Length required is 15″. Row count is 28 rows to 4″.

step 2

With 4 stitches decreased in each decrease row I need 17 decrease rows, up to the hip I will decrease every 6 rows, then knit straight to get the length I want.

Once I’ve done that I will decide whether I want the band of lace under the bra top that is in the original pattern or whether I will leave it plain.  The issue with this is there will then be 3 layers of 8ply in the seam under the bust.

(Edited because my maths was wrong – I shouldn’t do these calc’s on Sunday mornings)


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