A simple black scarf with flecks of colour

I’ve had a ball of recycled sari silk for a long time. It was to be a scarf but the first 2 attempts were frogged as it wasn’t working out.

My latest attempt is going really well (and frogging it is not an option as the yarn is cut at the end of every row) and looking good – well what I can see of it.

I’m knitting it lengthwise and it is on a 60cm needle so a bit bunched up. Anyway the pattern is garter stitch in black brushed alpaca with a row of the silk every 1, 2, 3 or 5 rows as the mood takes me. As the silk is primarily black with bits of red purple and silver through it the colours show up randomly rather than full stripes.

As it is on 7mm needles it is a very quick knit and no ends to sew in as at the end of the row I simply cut and tie together with the previous end.  When it is finished I will trim the fringe to a straightish edge.


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