Wisteria Slip finished

This is number 2 for finishing today.

It has been sitting around for a couple of weeks waiting on the final bit of crocheting and some straps to be added.

For the straps I went to the local haberdashery and bought lingerie fastener rings and clips and some ribbon that is the appropriate width.  I was surprised at how easy it was to put these things together to make adjustable straps.

  1. Attach one end of the ribbon to the centre of the clip
  2. Attach the fastener ring to the back of the garment
  3. Pass the other end through the ring then through the clip and sew it to the front of the garment.

When I tried it on with the straps the cups didn’t sit correctly.  I fixed this by sewing the centre edge together, I didn’t need the gap that is in the pattern – after all we are all built differently.

I’m not completely happy with the back it sits too loose in my opinion, I made the size to give zero ease, I should have gone for negative ease.  It is comfortable and sits ok, I would just prefer the back tighter.


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