Friends fibre and fun

Last night I went to a fibre fair that was part of a spinners retreat.  I have a wheel, I had a few lessons and then I got the job in Tasmania so I haven’t done anything with it for quite a while.  Now I’m inspired to get it out and give it another go, I even got to have a go with a spindle, my yarn was all over energised but I did actually make a small amount with the help of  Tara and Alison.  Thanks.  If the travel for work continues I think I’ll get one; did you think you can spin on a plane?

The shawls being worn and made were amazing, all these gossamer fine intricate lace designs . One person had just started the Princess shawl that requires 4300m of lace weight! It’s a good thing I have just got into lace weight yarn I want to make some of these delicate shawls now, although 4300m of lace weight it to much work for me.

I got these skeins from Charly (Ixchelbunny) while I was there.

1. Pure Mulberry silk in lace weight

2. 4ply sock wool.

Now to find some patterns…

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