Something else to learn – short row shaping

I’m past the waist now on my Aubergine sweater so I just tried it on.  It fits really nicely so far.  I added waist shaping and I’ve started the bust darts.  When I tried it on I realised that the front dips down in the middle when the bottom is straight so the next thing for me to learn is short row shaping to get enough depth on this close fitting jumper.

Off to do some research.


4 thoughts on “Something else to learn – short row shaping

    • That makes sense, its a pity that type of information is not readily available in pattern books with garments in my size. Plenty of online resources around though.

    • The wool is JJ Montage in Aubergine colourway. The thing with handpainted yarn is every skein is different; one is very dark, mainly browns, one is quite bright with reds greens and ochres and the third is half way between. It means I have to work from 3 200g balls throughout the whole thing!

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