WIP wrestling round 2

So how did I go for the second round of WIP wrestling for the year. (For those who are not familiar with it is a month of attempting to finish projects and not start any too many new ones. )

The list at the beginning of April:


1. Garter stitch wrap
2. Lacy scarf
3. Green Cable – frogged.
4. Cherry Leaf Shawl
5. A handsome triangle


1. Wide collared jacket- almost finished the body. (15cm of the back left to finish)
2. Classic sweater frogged
3. Ribbed jacket– finished
4. Butterfly camisole


1. Log cabin blanket
2. Funky slippers
3. Felted bag
4. Linen hand towel – 75% done.

I also did the finishing for a neckwarmer that I finished knitting back in December. (Ends sewn in and buttons added)


1. Purple haze smidge. – a simple mindless knit in thick mohair.

So 2 things finished, 2 frogged and some significant movement in 2 others.  The wide collared jacket needs some time committed to it as it has been on the WIP list for 2 years.


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