Finally finished with buttons added

I’ve been using up odd balls of yarn that I have in stash making small neckwarmers, cowls etc.

This one is made from a ball of Cleckheaton Studio Mohair knitted double and a ball of Anny Blatt Trianon on 8mm needles.

I knitted it on the bias and made eyelets all the way around the edge.  When I finished I added buttons to the corners of one end and one on the side the same difference from the end as the width of neckwarmer.

This has enabled the neckwarmer to be worn in different ways depending on the look I feel like at the time.

In the first picture the end without the buttons is buttoned to the side at the other end.

In the second the ends are buttoned together.

In the third the bottom is buttoned end to end and the top is buttoned tighter.

top buttoned on the second button for a tighter cowl

ends buttoned to make a loose cowl

end over end as a neckwarmer

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