Graphing done so I can now get on with a jumper for me:

I have crunched the numbers and here is the result.  The vertical measurements are based on the smallest size but I still need to shorten the distance from waist to armhole slightly to fit properly.  The red lines are my measurements, black are the required pattern dimensions, dotted grey are the pattern dimensions of the sizes XS M and XL.

The armhole to shoulder measurement is perfect .

The waist to high hip is only slightly longer than my measurement so not an issue.

The horizontal measurements however turned out to be quite a surprise. The XS back is a perfect fit.

The front however goes from M to L to XL to XS.  The inner line is an XS middle is a M and outside line is an XL.  There are some serious darts required especially in going from the bust to the shoulder.

Its a good thing I took sewing classes when I was younger.  This would be a lot more daunting if I hadn’t.


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