Well it’s the end of another month

and what have I done?

Not a lot really, I’m doing well on Monkey’s jumper. Up to the armholes and still going strong.  I used Styling your own kids knits for the basic pattern but I knitted it at 22st instead of 20 st to 10cm.  I made it a lot narrower as kids jumpers always look like sacks on my kids and I knitted the body in the round.  So really not a lot left of the original pattern except it is a drop shoulder crew neck jumper.

I added my 3 way neckwarmer to my free patterns page.  That went up yesterday hopefully it will give you some ideas of what you can do with a simple shape to give different looks.
I made another smidge of mohair using a 25 year old ball of Patons Fashion Mohair.

What I have been spending time on is working out how best to make clothes that fit and suit me.  So far I’ve worked out the sizing I need and now I’m doing some reading up on styles to suit my body type.  I recommend anyone making any garments to wear themselves check out Fit to flatter this is a series that aims to get you to know your own shape and how to flatter that shape with your knitwear.  There are 4 instalments of the 10 available; I have  found it very informative so far.

The basic idea is that people find proportional more appealing to the eye therefore you should aim to look like your top and bottom are the same width and that you have a waist that is centred between them.  So if you have broad shoulders don’t wear a patterned yoke, if you are pear shaped don’t wear a contrasting stripe on your hips.  Reverse these 2 scenarios and you get 2 people who are a lot happier in what they are wearing.

I should go and delete all the ‘unflattering’ garments from my Ravelry queue now, see you later.


One thought on “Well it’s the end of another month

  1. Thank you so much for the link to the Fit to Flatter series! Excellent! Now I need to get the courage up to get the camera and tape measure out and see just where I’m going wrong. 🙂

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