What’s been happening?

Not a lot really.  I’m actively knitting 2 things at the moment:

  1. A jumper for Monkey.  I’m finished the body and about to start the sleeves.
  2. A 4ply lace shawl that was supposed to be a knit along for June but it is nowhere near finished.  I have managed to knit between 1 and 2 rows a day but then I found an error 8 rows back that I couldn’t fix so another week lost!  Oh well I will get there eventually.  I won’t need it before spring.

For those on Ravelry the pattern search filters are changing so I had to go and recategorise my patterns and add tags to them.  I have seen the preview and it looks really good, if categorised well you should be able to find all the top down cardigans with V necks without getting other stuff showing up.  Construction styles, Design elements, garment type, size range, you will be able to filter on so many more things to find exactly what you are looking for.

I have also agreed to help Knitting-and do her patterns so I’ve been reading her Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book. I love it!  If you want a stocking hat, a beanie, a beret, a cloche, a sun hat, a witch or wizard hat in any size from doll to adult this is a great book.  Of course as with any book that allows you to choose your own yarn and size there is some simple maths involved before you start to ensure you get the right fit.  My queue is definitely growing while working through this book, I may even try some of the felted hats.

Well I better get started on these sleeves if Monkey is to get this jumper while it is still winter.

The Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book The Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book by Sarah Bradberry

lots of styles lots of sizes and choose any yarn to make them.


One thought on “What’s been happening?

  1. I highly recommend this book as well. Many heads have been warmed. Her book is great. Even I can work out the Maths. So if I can Everyone Can.

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