Wear what you make.

I have seen so many forum posts lately asking if people wear what they make or saying that they don’t get a chance to wear their knits.  Here is what I’ve worn in the last week…

I like to wear what I make, I can’t see a lot of point in putting in all that effort, even though I enjoy the process, if I can’t use the end result.  You don’t need a special occasion, feeling cold, put a shawl around your shoulders.  Going to work, put a shell or vest under your jacket , got a casual office, wear a cardigan or jumper.

You’ve made it, now show it off!


4 thoughts on “Wear what you make.

  1. WOW! In NYC its been 90° (37C) or hotter all week, and i have been doing my best to live naked (at home!) or in a bathing suit (and in the neighborhood pool)
    the thought of a neck ring? Augh! lovely collection.

  2. You are so lucky! I love knitting and beautiful yarns but don’t have the opportunity to wear knitted items much here in south Florida. As it is, I have way too many scarves that I’ve knit because I fell in love with a yarn!

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