No mohair for Eno

Eno loves my Bushland purl scarf that I made using 3 yarns that all contained some proportion of mohair. It is soft and warm but it makes him itch.

Yesterday we went to The Sassafras Woolstore to get him some yarns for his own version without mohair. He chose grey as his base colour with a port red as the fine yarn.

For the fluffy yarn we got Rare earth, a brushed alpaca. The 8ply wool is Cleckheaton naturals (that contains acrylic and viscose unlike the cleckheaton country 8ply I normally use) and Grignasco Bambi, a 4ply merino.

This is my 3rd Purl Scarf I love the way the colours work in this scarf and the variety that can be achieved in such a simple project.

a sip of port


sparkling burgundy


2 thoughts on “No mohair for Eno

  1. Bushland? “My Scarf” I think not young lady – that belongs to the imaginary dog!

    Oh and don’t let her kid you – I was sent to play with the monster while she chose the colours & yarns.. 🙂

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