Plans for summer

I have a few things in mind for the coming summer, First of all I have to finish my shawlette (2 patterns and the border to go) and my bamboo shawl which has been untouched since I broke one of the needle tips and had to buy a new one. (I’ve knitted 1.5 balls, I have 8 so a fair way to go with this one)

As far as actual garments go I want to make  a long light cardigan as I mentioned previously with the 4ply mohair/silk that has been in my stash for at least 5 years and I want to make Buttercup.  I think this lace bodiced tunic will suit me well and will be easy to modify to fit properly being a top down construction I just need to work out what yarn to use to knit it.  I have some 8ply baby wool that might work well, or maybe I can get some bamboo to make it more summery…

I also plan on making Eerie in 2ply silk/baby alpaca  blend .

I like the idea of a lace t shirt over a dark tank.  It should be good for those milder days (under 30 degrees).

The advantage of these choices, they all count towards the year of lace wardrobe challenge too.

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