Ingenue hat is finished

This hat has 84 rows and you slip the first stitch on every row. Allowing for the cast on and cast off you therefore have 44 loops up the edge. I picked up all these stitches for the crown and didn’t bother finding the other 22 required for a 66 stitch round on the crown.

It sits very nicely, the extra stitches are certainly not required.  To account for the different stitch count I started with k8 k2tog (skipping the last decrease in round 1) and didn’t do any decreases in rounds 2 and 4.  This meant that I had 10 rounds, the same as the pattern and a 5 point star instead of a 6 point star.

I was a bit concerned about having a seam in a hat so instead of casting off I picked up a stitch from the cast on edge with each stitch and knitted them together; the same as you would do with a 3 needle cast off but picking up one stitch at a time.

As the wool I used was thicker than specified the depth of the hat is a bit bigger, this means the cables are not as stretched out as when worn which I really like.

It is currently drying on the glass head, a really good thing to have for hats containing lace.  No playing around trying to find something for blocking.

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