When instant gratification takes too long…

Knit a cowl.  They are great for quick projects.  I found Wham Bam thank you lamb on Ravelry, it is a simple garter stitch rectangle with a seam knitted in very thick yarn on big needles.  What makes it interesting is that the seam isn’t along the full width of the rectangle and is sewn on the angle.

I made it bigger than specified in the pattern and I used handdyed mohair on 8mm needles.

Instead of seaming I cast on using an e cast on so I had a nice row of loops to pick up and then knitted a cast on stitch together with each stitch of the seam when casting off.  This made a very neat seam and no sewing!

I blocked the cowl to open out the garter stitch and this is what I ended up with.

Seam length: 12cm

circumference: 60cm

full width of rectangle: 33cm


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