How does it wear – Katia Mississippi

Fibre: Cotton Acrylic

when new

Date completed: December 2007

Tension: knitted at recommended tension

Washing: Machine wash and dry

Worn: Constantly year round.


This top held up well until around October 2009 when it was washed in a gentle front loader and air dried.  The result was a plasticky look with a loose tension like the fibres had lost their width.


after a gentle wash and air dry

Since then it has been washed in my normal machine and thrown through the drier again. This restored it a fair bit.

A great yarn to use for clothing that needs constant washing, don’t treat it carefully, it seems to need the drier to keep its loft.


One thought on “How does it wear – Katia Mississippi

  1. I was eyeing some Katia Mississippi at a shop a few days ago. Thanks for posting the information on it. My son wants to wear “yarn that came from a sheep” but can’t. I’m, therefore, always looking at cottons and cotton blends.

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