Felting is unpredictable.

The first felted thing I made worked exactly to the pattern specifications; 30% decrease in height and 10% in width so I made the full size bag based on that.

FAILURE.  It shrunk 50% in height and no decrease in width leaving something completely useless. Same yarn, same washing machine, same needles.  BTW that ugly lump above is supposed to be a French Market bag.

I decided to try again with a different pattern, of course I didn’t swatch.  I never swatch.  The pattern said that the wool should decrease 20% in height and 10% in width and I was using the same weight wool, different brand and a coarser fibre but it should be ok.

This time the bag didn’t felt as much as the pattern suggested for the other wool.  I can’t find a picture of it online but it is supposed to be wider than it is tall.

The pattern required a lot more yarn than I had so I reduced the size by 1/3 in both directions to make a smaller bag.  At least I calculated that correctly, when I had finished sewing it up I had about 40cm left over!

My before felting size was:

Strap – 93cm length, 8cm width.
Bag – side seam 33cm, width 30cm

After felting I had:

Strap – 89 cm length, 6cm width.
Bag – side seam 30cm, width 29cm

The final result is really good, I love it but it is certainly not what I was expecting at all.


3 thoughts on “Felting is unpredictable.

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  2. Seams must be fine narrow in width and completely finished with a fine French seam. We prefer pressing seams open and finishing the lining and sheer as one with over-edging or with plain spaced zigzagging 3 or 4 width setting .

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