Sexy knits?

I’ve just been looking through the projects in “The official sexy knitters club” on Ravelry.  It got me thinking:  What is a sexy knit?

  • It fits well
  • It is flattering on the person wearing it.
  • It enhances the person’s features
  • It is not too revealing.
  • It sits properly without pulling anywhere or riding up.
  • It doesn’t hide the person wearing it.

So what stopped some of the garments being sexy?

  1. pulling across the bust
  2. cut too low or wide making it look like the wearer was in their little sister’s top.
  3. too tight across the tummy
  4. too loose across the bust
  5. too big in the shoulders making it look sloppy
  6. fronts not wide enough to do up without pulling but done up anyway.
  7. hiding the person wearing it.

In my opinion if you want to look sexy in your knitwear then make a size that fits, a design that suits your body type and a colour that suits your skintone.

I was surprised to see  a large number of socks, scarves and hats in the gallery for this group.  Personally I don’t consider these things sexy at all but I suppose others might.

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