2010 in reflection

At the beginning of the year I had this post.

Well I finished 4 items in the lace challenge:  A cowl, a slip, a hat, and a shawlette (not on the original list).  I still don’t have a lace scarf although there is now one OTN, lace cuffs are OTN and with luck will be finished today and butterfly has been started but only just!

Possum mitts are done

Alpaca and silk scarf is done

Lace weight shawl is still a skein in the stash although I now at least have a choice of skeins to make it in.

I finished a winter jacket for work that fits well as well as the wrap top that I designed.

My ideas of what to make obviously alter over time however I still plan to make Justine and Hope.  Maybe next year or the year after.  I will need a lot of cardi’s and jackets this year as the office I am working in is cold.  I need to wear layers even in summer.

This year Monkey started asking for handknits so he got his elephant hat and green jumper, you can see in the photos how happy he is with them.  I also started giving Monster knitting lessons and he has started making a pair of slippers.

Things I learnt to do this year:

  • Knit 2 sleeves on 2 circulars.
  • Cast on in rib
  • Make clothes using different pattern sizes for front and back
  • Adjust patterns to fit properly
  • Argyle patterning from space dyed yarn.
  • Lace on DPNs

Designs released:

3 way neckwarmer
Motorbike muffler

For a complete list of all the projects I  finished in 2010 look here.


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