What’s coming up in 2011…

I just joined a challenge to finish 11 projects in 2011.  My current list is:

  1. eerie – leftover from the year of lace
  2. petrie
  3. Tangled yoke cardigan
  4. 198yds of heaven
  5. olive
  6. mohair minimalist top
  7. warm braid cable wristwarmers
  8. A very braidy cowl
  9. trina
  10. citron
  11. butterfly dress (this has been started but all that is done so far is about 2” of the lace trim at the bottom).

(note: all links are to Ravelry.)

These are in addition to what is currently OTN:

  1. Lace cuffs – should be finished today.  I wanted to finish them yesterday but black mohair, low light, high temperatures and a dropped stitch don’t work.
  2. A handsome triangle- this has been hibernating for most of the year.  I would love to finish it this summer. 30% done
  3. Drops of Port – a Purl scarf for Eno in Alpaca and wool as he itches with mohair. 50% done
  4. Black diamond – just the border to finish on this new scarf design.
  5. Linen hand towel – a small project that will be good for hot days. 70% done.
  6. Cherry leaf shawl -Alpaca shawl  hibernating until winter.  30% done.
  7. Log cabin blanket – no rush with this one, I pick it up when I feel like it. 30% done.
  8. Garter stitch wrap – this one was my challenge for 2009 that was 25% done a year ago and hasn’t been touched since.  Not sure whether to continue with it or frog it and make something else.
  9. Lacy wool scarf – another one I am contemplating frogging but it is 2/3 completed.
  10. Funky slippers – one done, one to go.  Will I bother?  Maybe when the weather gets cold, I can’t see the point at the moment.
  11. Wide collared jacket. – body is finished, collar and sleeves to go, now if only I could find the wool I was using…

Well that is a long list.  Even if I do end up frogging 2 of the current WIPs.  In 2010 I completed 19 projects, 13 of them started and finished in 2010 so it is doable.

At least I have a plan, following through on it is always the hard part…

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