Decisions decisions

2 years ago I decided to make a garter stitch wrap.  It is made in 4 pieces, each the size of small shawl and all in garter stitch.  You can imagine what has happened, I have one piece.  Another 15 balls of garter stitch?  I don’t think so, it looked nice but really who wants to knit up 20 balls of garter stitch?

So what to do with the piece I have.  It is mushroom brown alpaca/wool blend 8ply.  I have some very dark chocolate brown alpaca that was labelled as 8ply but looks more like 5ply.  I was thinking of adding a border in this chocolate brown to finish it off.  When I put the 2 yarns together however the alpaca/wool was too mushroomy to go with the chocolate.

I started looking through my stash to find the right colour. The plum colours seemed to  go the best.   I don’t have the perfect match but what I need is something like this mohair but in a soft alpaca or alpaca wool blend.


I can then add a cabled border to the shawl to finish it off and use the remaining 15 balls to make a jumper or cardigan.

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