Some of my tools

These are the tools that  I use:

Circular needles – KnitPro needle sets are my circular needles of choice, 1 set and you have most of the needle sizes you want with 4 different cable lengths, stitch holders and a ruler/needle sizer.  ( I have both the nickel and wood and a few extras!)

Short straight needles- Art Viva 20cm Tasmanian Oak are lovely to work with and are my preferred scarf needles.  For larger things I prefer the circulars

Crochet hooks – required for picking up dropped stitches.  A tiny one, a 3.25mm and a 4mm on hand all the time.

Tape measure. – Can’t make any garments without one.

Nail scissors – for cutting threads.  I find these better than craft scissors as they are finer. The curved point minimises my risk of cutting the wrong bit.

Knitters needles – Chibi come in a screw top tube so less likely to lose one, now I have the tube I just buy cheap ones when I need to.  Knitters needles are better than tapestry needles as they have a rounded end to minimise splitting the yarn when sewing.

Cable needle – I like the bent ones they seem to sit better and don’t have to be held 100% of the time.

Stitch markers – I don’t use them a lot and I certainly don’t mark every repeat across a row.  I do however like to use them to mark things like the start of a round, dart points, raglan points, side seams, centre stitch  where the spot is not obvious from looking at what has already been done.

Stitch holders/ end caps. – I rarely use conventional stitch holders these days; just screw the end caps onto the cable and you have an appropriate sized stitch holder without transferring the stitches.


One thought on “Tools

  1. Our tools are strikingly similar. The scissors are different, and I don’t usually keep straight needles in my bag because I seldom knit scarves. I do love not having to move stitches to stitch holders!

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