Knitting apps for Android – Knit cards

I’ve been checking out the free apps at the Android market to find out if there is anything useful.

Knit cards

Knit cards allows you to catalogue all your projects and potential projects on your Smartphone (I hate calling it a phone;it is a PDA with a phone attached not a phone with a couple of extras).  This means you have the specifics of what you are working on and planning when you go shopping.

How it works

Each project is set up on a card: start date, source, needles, yarn, gauge all have there own fields.  You can attach a PDF  and photo stored on your memory card and there is a notes field for anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere.


3 standard lists are available, Future, Current and Finished based on the stage field on the card. Lists can be sorted alphabetically or by date.

Search is also available that checks the tags field and lists everything with the tag you enter.


A needle gauge is currently in Beta testing.  You simply lay your needle on the screen to determine which size it fits most closely.  A thin red line should be seen top and bottom and no white if it is a perfect fit.  I found this worked really well and the only needle size not there was 15mm.

What I liked about it:

  • All fields are text so you are not restricted to a set of predefined values for yarn weights or needle sizes.  You choose the system you want to use.
  • Finding a project is easy as long as you tag correctly and remember your tags.
  • The needle gauge, useful to have where you won’t misplace it!

Would I use it?

I love the needle gauge, I would probably use that if I needed one anywhere I didn’t have one of my conventional gauges.

I use Ravelry so actually filling out the cards would be doubling up.  Having basic information while shopping would be useful for projects that I need to get things for before I start though.  This would mean adding a ‘shop’ tag to each project so that I could get up a list of what I required.  My queue on Ravelry is more of a wish list so having a separate queue with only the things I plan on starting in the near future could be useful especially when hitting the sales!


2 thoughts on “Knitting apps for Android – Knit cards

  1. Hi I’m looking fof an android app for creating your own patterns there is one for apple ipad but seems an exoensive alternative to buy an ipad for one application any ideas

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