finished 1: frogged 2

I’m working on my WIPs this month. So far I have:-

  • scrapped 2 scarves (and started a new one using the pattern from one and the yarn from the other)
  • finished my lace cuffs
  • resurrected my Aubergine Sweater
  • Changed my garter stitch wrap from a full cape style wrap to a shawl and started a cabled edging to finish it (was 25% done – now 60% done)
  • done a bit on Eno’s scarf but it is a bit warm to be working with 14ply alpaca.

I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Still to be looked at:

  • Cherry leaf shawl – probably frog this one and make this pattern in a finer yarn and smaller gauge.
  • Handsome triangle – just need to get around to doing it.
  • Linen hand towel – this is a long way through, just not sure where I’ve put it.
  • Wide collared jacket.  Where have I put the wool?
  • Black Diamond scarf – edging to be completed.
  • Log cabin blanket – still going, long term project that won’t be finished any time soon.

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