Knitting apps for Android – Knitting stash

I’ve been checking out the free apps at the Android market to find out if there is anything useful.

Knitting Stash

Knitting  Stash allows you to catalogue all your needles, hooks, projects and potential projects on your Smartphone.   This means you have the specifics of what you are working on and planning when you go shopping.  Despite the name however it does not have space for your actual yarn stash.

How it works

Each set of needles can be added to the needle stash.  There are fields for size, type, material length, in use and notes.  All fields are predefined so anything unusual cannot be added.  There is no option for adding interchangeable sets.   A type of tip and cable would be required with lengths associated with cables and widths associated with tips.

Hooks are set up in a similar way however the only fields are material, size and in use.  Again the values are predefined so you need to get used to looking at G/4 as 4mm  and D/3.25 as 3.25mm.

Each project is set up on a card: Project name, photo, status (in queue, in progress & finished), Notes and Shopping needed fields are available.


The lists available are Show all Projects, Show unfinished projects (includes queue and in progress) and Need shopping.

There are no sort options or extra filters available.


Multiple counters are available with a notes field so you can make notes directly against the counter.

The counter can be incremented or decremented however if you leave the app and come back in it will be on increment even if you left it on decrement.

What I liked about it:

  • The counters, especially as they have a notes field.  I can record what I did last and any adjustments I need to make on the counter page.
  • The shopping list that is generated from the shopping field in projects the screen shows what I need and what project it is for.  Very handy when you go to the haberdashery and need to remember all those little bits and pieces.

What I didn’t like about it:

  • needle lengths are in imperial measurements even when metric is selected.
  • not all needle lengths are available.  (I have 20cm needles that are not catered for)
  • Lack of sort and filter options in the project list views.  The order is the most recently added at the top and you can’t change it.
  • Interchangeables can’t be added to the needle stash in a meaningful way.
  • The only needle materials are bamboo, wood, steel and plastic. So all metal needles (aluminium, nickel plated) have to be recorded as steel even though they are not the horrible heavy rigid things that people associate with steel needles.
  • There is no links between the projects counts needles and hooks.  You need to mark the needles as in use and create the counters separately to creating the project.

Would I use it?

The needle stash is more for a beginner who doesn’t have a complete set yet. I can see someone who is just starting to buy needles needing the information when they start their next project but for me who has at least 4 complete sets of needles it has no value.

The project list is good for the shopping aspect.  The lack of filtering and sorting however means that the list needs to remain short so once the bits and bobs have been bought the project would need to be deleted.

The counters are really useful, this is the strength of this app.  Having a notes field on the counter allows me to note down where I am up to and what I need to do next when I put a project away as well as having a record of what row I am up to.  Having multiple counters means I have one available whenever I need one.

Now if only I could remember to tap at the end of every row!



2 thoughts on “Knitting apps for Android – Knitting stash

  1. I’ve used this app for awhile now and I do like it a lot for keeping track of what needles I have when I’m in a store and find a bunch on sale to add to my collection. Lucky you – 4 complete sets!

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