knitting apps for Android – Yarn shopper

Yarn Shopper

A database of yarns and projects to help you when shopping.

How does it work?

It comes preloaded with a lot of big name yarns , brands such as Berroco, Blue Sky Alpacas, Brown Sheep, Noro, Rowan,  Caron, Cascade, Debbie Bliss…

  1. Start a new project.
  2. Enter the name , yardage and yarn weight (US system) that you are looking for.
  3. Click ok and you will get a list of yarns in that weight with the number of balls you need and the price you will need to pay if you use that yarn.

Of course the prices will need to be adjusted based on where you live and where you get them.  You can add your own yarns to the database (essential for Australians as there are no Australian yarns in the database when you get it.

You can delete yarns that you will never buy or don’t have access to so that they don’t show up all the time.

What I liked about it

  • adding yarns is easy
  • makes price comparison easy once set up
  • there are a lot of preloaded yarns so only the prices need to be adjusted instead of adding the yarn from scratch

What I didn’t like about it

  • it allows you to select the yarn weight but not the fibre you want to use.  ie. sometimes you only want to see silk or cotton or mohair, other times you want a variety.  There is no option to filter for a specific fibre or group of fibres.
  • there is no option to delete all of one brand, each yarn that is unavailable (in my case knitpicks) must be deleted individually.

Would I use it?

If I was planning a large expensive project and wanted to compare all the options before buying I would.  It would make it easier when shopping around to know that if I bought yarn X it may be more expensive per ball but I would need less balls making it the cheaper option.  I think this would be a convenient method of writing down all the information when shopping around so that I got the best deal possible.


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