Wear what you make – yes even in summer

There are lots of things you can knit to wear in warmer weather.  Here are a few of things I’ve worn recently when the mercury has been edging towards 30, there are still cool evenings and airconditioned offices.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Shoulder shawl in a Syrian pattern in 4ply bamboo
  2. Bison Shawlette in 4ply sock wool
  3. Summer lace stole in ramie/wool blend
  4. Matter and void in 4ply sock wool
  5. Clapotis in 4ply bamboo
  6. My own pattern in Silk road DK
  7. Anemone in Summer Tweed
  8. Cotton bolero in a light mohair.
  9. Cap sleeved top in Pure Silk
  10. Buena Vista in 8ply wool & Pagan in Mississipi (10ply cotton/acrylic)

As the weather warms up think about knitting some sleeveless tops, light weight sweaters, shawls and scarves.  Look for fibres like cotton, bamboo, corn and silk and leave the wool and mohair for cooler days.  I love knitting with bamboo in hot weather, it feels nice to knit and doesn’t leave you with sticky fingers.


2 thoughts on “Wear what you make – yes even in summer

  1. Ah Edged toward 30°! how i would have enjoyed summer weather like that–last summer in NYC we had over 30 days when the temp edged toward 37° (my “landmark temp in C”–body temp)
    We had a few “fever days” (ie 103°f/circa 39 and even a few 40°)
    I did my best to wear nothing–save a bathing (swim) suit–and to hop into the pool!

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