Back to that Saxon Braid – getting to the point.

I’ve hardly knitted at all this month, I’ve had other things on my mind.  Anyway I went to an SnB yesterday and got out my wrap with the Saxon Braid on the edge to work on.

I’m getting close to the point so I’m thinking about how I’m going to get around it. My plan is to use short rows and keep the pattern correct as much as possible.  I’ve edited together this approximation of what would happen if I just followed the pattern and picked it up from the corresponding row on the first row of the other side:

The area marked by the triangle is the short row section and a corresponding section will need to be done on the other side with a couple of full rows in the middle.

The length down the edge will determine how many short rows are required and therefore how many stitches will be reduced for each row.  The challenge is going to be keeping the turns in the background rather than in the standout braid design.

The one thing that can’t be seen in the images above is that some crosses will have to be omitted along the centre line.  These images are created from a mirrored photo and therefore the reality of having nothing to cross with is not taken into account.

I’m confident this will work, I just need to ensure that the number of rows is divisible by 4 so that the cables are in the right spot to match up with the other side and that all the crosses in the first side are matched on the other side.

Wish me luck.   I have a plan and I’m going to make it work.


One thought on “Back to that Saxon Braid – getting to the point.

  1. I love this. I found you in my tag surfer and the photo just caught my eye. I just started cabling this year. Took me most of my life to build up the courage to try them. I think this is just wonderful. Good Luck seems to be going great.

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