A new toy!

I recently bought a Galaxy tab (when they were reduced by 50% at JB)  I love it for reading and taking notes.  How does this fit in with my knitting?

  • I have purchased The Knitter and Interweave Knits digital magazines that I can read and store on it and I won’t misplace the patterns I want to make.
  • I can store and read PDF files on it meaning I don’t need to print patterns.
  • I can access ravelry
  • I can post to my blog
  • I can keep notes about my projects and manage counters.
  • I can store a shopping list for when I get to the wool shop or haberdashery and synchronise it with my phone so I always have it with me.
  • I can scan a pattern from a book for when I’m out and don’t want to carry the whole book.
  • I have a calculator and spreadsheet available for modifications to patterns.
There is nothing that you can’t do another way but it is  convenient having everything is in one place.    The only thing on the phone that doesn’t work is the needle gauge I mentioned in a previous post as it stretches to fill the screen so the sizes are all out.

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