Back from Bendigo

Well I was very restrained at Bendigo.

I had a budget and I didn’t go over it.  This was very difficult given the amount of fibre and yarn available, there was alpaca, angora, bison, banana, camel,  merino, mink, silk, yak…multiples sheds full of wall to wall yarn.

We saw sheep judging, ate lamb burgers, saw a lamb cooking demo, saw sheep trials,saw  people spinning and felting, fondled yarns, admired the prize winners in the knitting, felting and weaving competitions and saw a Wool industry fashion parade. It really is a sheep orientated agricultural show, imagine your city’s show with only 1 animal and yarn instead of show bags.

I came home with 1kg of Pear Tree alpaca, a few buttons, a shawl pin and a very cheap spindle.  After looking at various youtube videos it appears that the well meaning Bendigo Wood Turners association made them upside down so I have the makings of a spindle rather than a usable one.  Well it was only $6 and I’m sure we can get it sorted.

Bendigo Show proves that:

  • Merinos are HUGE!
  • Darts in odd places do not look like innovation in clothing design; they look like a really bad seamstress put it together.
  • models can’t be elegant 10″ heels; they clomp just like normal people.
  • Just because it is acceptable to wear some garments upside down doesn’t mean all will look good.  (We were sure one jacket was upside down in the fashion show, the whole thing just looked pulled out of shape.)
  • People who frequent this show like bright colours and hand knits.  Who would have guessed.
  • Regional shows are still popular and a lot of fun.
  • If you wander around with a baby you get a lot more smiles and comments than if you don’t.

3 thoughts on “Back from Bendigo

  1. I swear, the Bendigo Show always has the hugest Merinos I have ever seen.

    Your spindle isn’t upside down BTW, it’s just a bottom whirl whereas the videos you speak of are using a top whirl 🙂

    And that’s some SERIOUS restraint you showed there!

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