3 button wrap idea is taking shape

buttons from Ewe Give me the Knits

For a while now I have had an idea to make a 3 buttoned wrap.  This is effectively a large rectangle with a button hole in one end and 3 buttons so it can be worn in different ways.

My idea is to have 2 ‘A’ sides as Eno put it.  The 2 sides won’t be identical but will both be able to be worn on the outside so I can fold bits over for a collar etc.

I got the materials for this on friday.

Pear Tree Alpaca

Size will be similar to my Vogue Quick Knits Bobble edged wrap that I made without the bobbles.  It is 6″ x 2″.  Unfortunately moths loved it as much as I did so it needs replacing.  It did get a lot of wear over 6 years before it got eaten.

Next is the pattern. I’m thinking some simple cables and ribs. The cables will be reversible and possibly a different pattern on each strand of the cable.  I want it to be drapy and fall in ripples rather than having the full on corrugations of rib so I will need to think carefully about the pattern I use.  I’m planning to use 4.5mm needles which should soften the fall as this alpaca is normally knitted on 3.75 – 4.00mm.

I want to finish the Saxon cable shawl first then I will get out the needles and play with some cables and stitch patterns to come up with something I like.

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