How does it wear? Jo Sharp Silk Road DK

Garment: Wrap Cardigan

Before completion

Fibre: Wool/Silk/Cashmere

Date completed: April 2010

Tension: knitted at the recommended tension

Stitch: 4×2 rib

Washing: Handwashed, rolled in towels and dried flat.

Worn: Constantly


October 2011

There is very little pilling on it, it is a fairly soft blend so for something that is worn constantly I would have expected more wear to show.  It has held its shape very well.  The ribbing relaxed in the first wash and doesn’t appear to have altered since.

The size has increased in width by about 1″ which is expected for a woollen garment after washing.  The stitch count when I knitted it was 24st/10cm, it is now showing 21st/10cm so not a lot of drop in it either.


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