Liesl – a quick knit in 3 takes.

I joined a Knit-along for Liesl.  I had some Aran weight cotton acrylic that would be good for summer and was the right weight for the pattern.  I downloaded the pattern and found that there is a 4″ difference between sizes.

Take 1:  30″ back and 38″ front would mean slight negative ease.  All went well, the yoke looked like it would fit properly.  I got down below the armholes and tried it on.  Too much pull across the back meant the armholes were pulled back and looked silly.  The front was really good.

Take 2: Aim 34″ back and 38″ front.  All was going well until I finished the yoke increases.  This time I had miscalculated the cast on and ended up with a 38″, this was far too big.

Take 3:  I gave up on the aran weight cotton/acrylic and grabbed some 8ply mercerised cotton.  I knitted a few rows in pattern on 5mm needles to see what I would get.  Each pattern was 3″.  I recalculated the number of repeats required around the body and for the yoke to give a 16″ back and 19″ front then adjusted it to full repeats.  I finished the increases and cast off 3 repeats for each armhole, I cast on 1 repeat for each underarm and knitted a couple more rows…it fits!

Finally I can continue and hopefully get it finished for summer.



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