Drop Stitch Lace tank

My current project is the Drop Stitch Lace Tank by Stephanie Japel.  I love the concept behind this top, the pattern on the front and hem produces a different gauge to the ribbing on the back and waist producing a garment with room where you need it and clingy where you don’t.  I’m making the front one size bigger than the back; I normally need to make a front 2 – 3 sizes bigger.  At full stretch the ribbing is ~20st/10cm and the drop stitch lace is ~14st at full stretch not that you would want to stretch it that far!

I’m making it in Heirloom Breeze which is 70% cotton, 30% wool with a bit of spandex to make sure it holds its shape.  I’ve had this yarn for about 6 years and hadn’t found the right thing to make with it until now.

I’m going to change the neckline to a V neck as I think that will suit me better.  As I am knitting it in the round I will be able to try it on as I go to make sure I change patterns at the right spots.


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