A new top finished just in time for the warm weather

Its finished!  The Drop Stitch Lace tank has been completed with a few modifications.

  1. Knitted in the round.  This meant I could try it on and get the pattern changes where I wanted them.
  2. Unmatched front and back, I made the front one size bigger than the back.  As the patterning allowed for a bigger front than back I only needed to go up one size.
  3. I worked it so that the ribbing (smallest gauge) ended up on my waist (smallest girth).  This made it shorter as I didn’t increase the lace at the bottom as I intended to wear it with skirts.
  4. I changed it to a V neck so that I didn’t have excess fabric across my upper body and I wouldn’t have to reduce the stitch count to drop a size.
  5. I used short rows to form sloping shoulders instead of making them straight across.

I used some Heirloom Breeze that I got from the backroom at Bendigo a few years ago on 4.5mm needles.

I love the way it fits, I might make another longer one in bright cotton to wear with jeans.

2 thoughts on “A new top finished just in time for the warm weather

  1. Love, love, love your adaptation of the DSL tank! The mismatched front and back is genius. The modified neckline is much sleeker and more to my taste but I can’t figure out how you did it — this is only my third garment and I can follow any pattern but stink at trying to alter patterns on the fly.

    I’m ready to rip out all my stitches and start over if you’d be willing to share your new and improved DSL tank pattern.

    • Thank you.

      When I got to the point where I wanted the V to start I marked the centre stitch.

      On the next even row: Pattern to 2 stitches before the centre, k4, pattern to the end.

      First side:
      Pattern to 4 stitches before the centre k2 tog, k2, turn
      P2 pattern to end.

      Repeat these 2 rows until you have 22 stitches, knit straight to shoulder.

      Second side:
      Starting at neck edge,
      k2 SSK, pattern to end
      pattern to last 2 stitches p2

      Repeat these 2 rows until you have 22 stitches, knit straight to shoulder.

      I hope that is clear, the rest is simply following the pattern. Put simply do your decreases 2 stitches from the edge and have a k2 edging (p2 on the wrong side). Just watch it that you drop the extra stitch before knitting 2 together if the drop falls 2 stitches from the centre,

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