My Christmas present is very useful

Eno bought me an Ashford knitters loom.  I got it 24 hours ago and I have 2 finished scarves and another on the loom!

This is fun, it takes a while to warp (put the threads on the loom that you are going to weave through), wind the yarn onto the shuttle then away you go and have a FO a couple of hours later.

My edges are very uneven at the moment and the weaving is far from even but everyone in the house is putting in an order for a scarf for next winter.

I started with a smooth yarn and that was relatively easy although I found I was pulling it too tight a lot hence the wonky edges. The second attempt I used a soy wool blend for the weft and merino, possum, silk blend for the warp and I had to slow down a bit. This third one is a mohair and separating the threads is definitely a manual process. I think it will be worth it though and the fluff and boucle will hide any flaws better than in the earlier versions.

With a scarf taking 2 balls of yarn and finished in a few hours this will eat through the stash quite quickly.


2 thoughts on “My Christmas present is very useful

  1. Congrats on your new gift and hobby! I keep thinking I might want a loom, but then I decide, nah, I’ve got enough on my plate, and I have NO room. The scarves are lovely! I bet the family will love those gifts!

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