A productive week.

I’ve been on holidays and during that time I’ve completed:

6 scarves and a bag.

1 of the scarves took 2 years to make, it was a quick knit on big needles but it sat around for a long time before I got around to finishing it.  It’s the purl scarf made in wool and alpaca for Eno.

The other project that took some time was a woven bag.  It turned out to be huge so fits in everything I need to make a jumper!  This bag is an ingenious design, you make a rectangle that is 3 times as long as it is wide.  Sew 2 seams and add a handle and you have a bag!  The design was Furoshiki bag from Complete Contemporary Textiles.

Add to that 5 woven scarves and that is a productive week!


One thought on “A productive week.

  1. i love this bag! i’ve made t-shirt bags similar in design, but i love the addition of the cuts. they do look like grape bags! absolutely perfect! i think i have a white shirt in my drawer that needs refashioning.

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