With one simple loom…

I am amazed at the variety you can manage with just one simple loom that only does a basic weave.

Red. 8 ply used in both directions, the weft is a shade darker than the warp to give some depth of colour.  The threads in both direction are the same weight so the weave is relatively even.

Grey. With this one I was experimenting with a 4 ply warp and 8 ply weft so the variegate grey is dominant in the fabric.  The soy wool blend I used for this is a loosely spun single therefore the thickness of the yarn varies a bit.

Green. This is another with uneven weight, in this case the warp is a 4ply bright green and the weft is a 12ply dark green so specks of bright colour peek through the thicker dark yarn.

Blue. Adding texture fills the gaps and hides all sorts of mistakes.  This one is a brushed mohair warp with a boucle mohair weft.

Neutrals. Adding colour with stripes adds a whole new complexity. This one has alternating threads in both directions.  If I had only used 2 colours it would have been a houndstooth but I used a variegated bamboo in one direction and a dark brown wool in the other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Imagine what I would get up to with the ability to do more complex weaving!


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