Colour magic

A few years ago I bought a bag of Rowan Tapestry.  My plan was to make a Clapotis, the clapotis only used 5 balls so what to do with the other 5?  I didn’t want to have multiple wraps/scarves with the same colours in the same stripes.

The next thing I made was an entrelac scarf.  This formed squares in different colours so used the yarn in a completely different way.

I still had 1.5 balls so last week I wove the last of it.  This formed a much more blended colour with streaks of brown and pink.

I love the variation you can get with one colourway used in different ways.

Rowan tapestry, woven, knitted on the bias and entrelac

5 thoughts on “Colour magic

    • The best way to learn about how variegated yarns knit up is try various things with it and see what you like. Short rows vs long rows, different stitches, log cabin or entrelac etc.

      The Patterns button at the top of the page will take you to a list of simple scarves and wraps.

  1. Self striping yarns are used a lot in jumpers. Have a look on for other examples of this yarn and other self striping yarns can be used.

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