A simple weave to show off the colours

When I was away last week we stopped at Uralla Wool room when Eno noticed it and picked up some hand dyed mohair.  Then he suggested we drop in at EGMTK.  We got a skein of super sock to go with it (amongst other things).  The colours were picked by Eno.

I wove it into a 200cm x 32cm wrap yesterday.  I love the result, it is a solid fabric that will be great for winter.  The size is big enough to wear as a wrap but it is also narrow enough to also wear as a scarf.

I tried a twisted fringe for the first time with this one.  It took a bit of work to get it right initially but it is actually quite simple.  Split the threads for each one into 2 groups and twist each one tight in the same direction, then twist them together in the other direction.  Knot and trim.

This is a hard colour to get accurate; the picture below is the closest to the real colour.


3 thoughts on “A simple weave to show off the colours

    • I got my loom for Christmas so it doesn’t take long to get into a rythmn. I had been weaving 4 months when I made this. I tend to weave at least once a week for a few hours while watching tv.

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