My current WIP

JJ montage 1Here’s an update on my current big project.  Way back in 2008 I bought 3 skeins of handpainted JJs Montage 8ply in the Aubergine colourway.  Each skein ended up being quite different from the other 2.

I started and unravelled 2 attempts at making this into a jumper before I got a start I liked.  I decided on a close fitting jumper with waist & bust shaping, raglan shoulders and no seams.

052All was going well, I got up to the bust and then tried it on.  Oh dear, I had put on weight since starting it and it barely reached my waist with the negative ease that was now evident.  I removed the needle, put it on a piece of thread and threw it into my stash box for a year.

During that year I went to the doctor and was put on a diet which meant that I lost  4″ and the jumper went from negative ease to positive ease.  It fitted.

So now it is on to the sleeves and yoke.  I have calculated the sleeve rows and stitch counts and I’m now up to the elbow on the first one.

As the 3 skeins are so different I have to alternative all 3 200g balls so it is a bit tedious keeping them straight, especially working in the round.  I’m going well though.  I should have a new jumper by the time winter gets here.  Fingers crossed.


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