Stripey squares wrap

I purchased a copy of Handwoven recently to have a look at.  Not much in there for rigid heddle, there is so much more you can do with 4 or 8 shafts.  There was an article on shadow weaving and the first draft in the article was for log cabin.

Log cabin is fairly easy but gives a fabulous result.  The result is striped blocks alternating between vertical and horizontal.  This is achieved by warping alternating colours for the width of a block then swapping colours for the next block.

Then when you weave you do the same thing, alternate colours for the length of the block then do 2 of the same colour together and continue alternating.

It does take some concentration to ensure you remember to change at the end of each block.

The first one I made is in 8ply wool, a raspberry coloured merino and a mulberry coloured English Leicester Longwool.  I’ve had some shocked responses when I’ve told people I made it.

I’m making a narrower scarf for Eno now in royal purple and navy.


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