Winter has arrived

Its the season for scarves, mitts and hats.

I currently have 2 berets, some beanies and 2 felt hats, I think I need some more as the colours I have are not right to wear with a lot of my clothes.  I need some different ones.  Maybe a rasperberry beret to match my new raspberry wrist warmers?  

I made these recently with the raspberry I used in my woven wrap. I like colour co-ordination.  I have enough left for a matching beret.  They go really well with my plum jacket ( the other yarn I used in my woven wrap).

Also on the needles are another pair of mitts using the leftovers of my saxon cable shawl so I will be able to wear those ones with reds unlike the raspberry ones.

On the loom is an offwhite scarf using multiple textures to add a bit of interest.

It doesn’t show up particularly well in photos but it is mohair on one side and a 2ply wool/alpaca blend on the other with a random zigzag where the fibres change over.  You can see the smooth yarn in the bottom left hand corner.

With the weaving I have been doing this year I have a good variety of scarves to choose from.

Now to get some more mitts and hats…


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