Mitts that fit

I have small hands.  I’ve made a few pairs of mitts over the years that have never fitted properly simply because I have followed the pattern and 99% of patterns are for ‘average’ hands.  I’m not average so this time I made them in the round so I could try on as I went and adjust the size to fit.

Step 1 take measurements:


  • Where you want the cuff to finish
  • Just above the wrist bone
  • Around your hand at the widest point including the thumb
  • Around the knuckles


  • Cuff to wrist
  • Wrist to base of thumb
  • Base of thumb to top of palm
  1. Work out your tension and how many stitches to cast on.  The tension (gauge) should be a bit tighter than normally recommended for the yarn so that the fabric is very firm similar to socks. I tend to go down 1 to 2 needle sizes from my normal size.
  2. Work out how many stitches to decrease over the distance from cuff to wrist bone
  3. Work out how many stitches to increase before the thumb is cast off.
  4. Work out how many stitches to cast off for your thumb.

The knitting:

  1. Start with a couple of rows of moss stitch or rib so that the ends won’t roll
  2. Knit down to the wrist bone decreasing to your wrist size by reducing 1 stitch at the start and end of each decrease round.
  3. If you want to add another couple of rows of texture.
  4. Knit to the point where your hand starts getting wider.
  5. K1 stitch,M1, knit to the last stitch,M1 K1
  6. On the next increase row K2, M1, Knit to the last 2 stitches, M1 K2
  7. Continue like this adding the extra stitches into the thumb until you have covered the knuckle at the base of the thumb.
  8. For the thumb stitches in the next 2 rows use the same stitch as you used to start, the rest of the round remains stocking stitch.
  9. Cast off the thumb stitches on the next round
  10. Continue on the hand knitting straight until the knuckles are covered.
  11. Finish with 2 rounds to match the start.
  12. Cast off and sew in ends.


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