A big day out

We went up to Bendigo on Saturday for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show and Nanny and Ewe’s Bendigo Fibre Muster.

We started at the Muster with purchases from Mayhem & Chaos, Ewe Give Me the Knits and Gin & Tonic yarns. Richard was given a little bit of fleece to play with as he was fascinated.

We then went down to the show where we showed Richard how yarn is made on a spinning wheel, he met ‘a bunny monster’ (Charly from Ixchel Fibres and Yarns always dresses up!) and the highlight of the day, he touched a sheep!

He was amazed at the size of Emu Eggs, chose a skein of wool to be made into something for him, saw Sheep Dog trials, tasted local blue cheese and overall had a great time.

While we were at the show Eno was constantly complimented on his scarf. He suggested that about 1 in 10 of the women there commented on it!

I had one woman ask me if I would sell her the pattern for the shawl I was wearing!  When I explained that it was a basic garter stitch shawl with a pattern from Knitting on the Edge attached she decided not to bother.  The problem of the corner didn’t even need to be mentioned.

We then went up to the pottery where he was fascinated by the old kilns and the lady making a vase on wheel.

So what followed us home from this big day out?

3 skeins of Mayhem and Chaos (muster)
Kit from Dairing (muster)
1 skein of Gin & Tonic (muster)
1 skein of Fibreworks (show)
1 skein of Kathy’s yarns (show)
1 skein of Ixchel yarns (show)
2 heddles and 2 shuttles for loom (show)
Blue Cheese
Marinated fetta
1 pashmina (from the craft shops at the pottery)
1 black/purple shawl (pottery)
1 pair of fingerless mitts (pottery)


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